Human Resources Management
Consultants At Intelligent Compensation Provide Services And Technical
Assistance In Other Areas Of Human Resources That Include:
**Human Resources Consulting / Management
**Human Resources Audits
**Policy Development
Litigation Support
**Unreasonable Compensation
**Excessive Compensation
**Excess Benefit and Inurement Studies  
*Intelligent Compensation provides consulting assistance to attorneys for non-profit executive compensation and divorce proceedings on matters concerning fair and reasonable compensation as determined by prevailing market value.
For more information regarding our various services, please email us here, as we would be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.
Intermediate Sanctions & Non-Profit Executive Compensation
Divorce Proceedings - Career Earnings Review

Government Contractor - Compensation Compliance With Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
**Employee Handbooks
**Employment Relations
**Discrimination & Harassment Investigations