Sales Consulting
Is Your Organization Set Up To Achieve Success With It's Current Sales Compensation Plan?

Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Aligned With Your Company's Strategic Initiatives?
The sales force is compromised of individuals who take an active approach in getting the message out about the company's products and services. How effective the sales team markets the company, and in turn, how successful the organization is, is directly related to the sales compensation program. A sound sales compensation package enables the organization to focus on sales activities towards business results, and rewards these outcomes with compensation that is tied directly to the level of performance achievement.
The Key To A Successful Compensation Program Can Be Achieved By Taking These Three Steps:
1. Clearly defined sales goals that are realistic, but challenging
2. Tracking and measuring performance against goals and objectives
3. Rewarding performance achievement with competitive and motivational incentive compensation strategies
Sales Compensation Packages Are Typically Comprised Of
One Or More Of The Following Components:
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Annual Incentives Tied To Longer-Term Sales Activities
Periodic Incentives Tied To Short-Term Goals
Base Salary
Sales Commission-Based Incentive