Foreign Labor Compensation & Prevailing Wage Determinations
Intelligent Compensation, LLC has established an expertise in developing and providing client compensation strategy and prevailing wage determination positions for the purposes of qualifying undocumented workers for employment. As required by the Department of Labor, prevailing wage determinations must be filed in connection with all labor certification (PERM) applications for permanent resident status and H-2B seasonal temporary workers, and, in some cases, H-1B specialty occupation petitions. 
**The research of foreign labor compensation practices and the assisting of clients in the development of a strategic compensation policy and position as required.
**Conduct reviews of client foreign labor compensation practices to ensure compliance with all Department of Labor (DOL) laws and regulations.
**Conduct independent analysis, market research, and collect best practice strategy information for the purposes of determining prevailing wage compensation, as well as establishing actual wage information as appropriate.
**Utilize approved DOL compensation survey sources and required data to capture technique in order to benchmark client positions and prevailing pay to similar positions found in the external market place. In addition, identify and capture DOL wage data sources in order to establish defensible prevailing wage positions.
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Foreign Labor Compensation Consulting Services Include: