Performance Management
The core of any organization is its ability to measure financial and organizational success and reward employee performance. How effectively an organization measures its success, and maintains a quality team of employees, is crucial to its ability to outperform its competitors.

Effective performance management processes enable an organization to objectify and systematically measure and evaluate company success, and assess employee performance, while providing the tools necessary to assess performance and equate it to competitive and strategic compensation actions.

More and more companies today are embracing performance management strategies and tying these strategies to strategic compensation and rewards program. A well-executed performance management process enables an organization to achieve critical goals and improve processes.
     **Measure key and critical financial, operational and individual goals and objectives?
     **Recognize the value, efforts and contributions of your employees?
     **Reward employees with compensation directly linked to performance outcomes?
     **Motivate employees to improve processes and attain performance excellence?
     **Attract and retain key employees through the use of strategic performance management processes and
        competitive compensation and rewards programs?
     **Effectively communicate to its employee's key, annual company goals and objectives that align and
        drive organizational success?
     **Provide employees with compensation and reward opportunities that pay them for value and
        contributions towards the success of the organization?
     **Annually outperform competitors?
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